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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Femme Fatale Spindleweb - swatch and review

Femme Fatale Spindleweb
Femme Fatale Spindleweb

Australian Indie Femme Fatale's Spindleweb is a deep teal polish with tons of glitter; the glitters are various shades of blue, green and teal and there is a strong green shimmer in the base. Some of the glitters are holographic and have reflected purple in my pictures.

Femme Fatale Spindleweb

I used two coats of Spindleweb over a base of Wet'n'Wild Sagreena The Teenage Witch, which is a shimmery mid-green, with a coat of Gelous to smooth the glitters and a coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat to finish everything off. Femme Fatale recommend that Spindleweb is layered, rather than used alone. Out of curiosity I did try a couple of coats on its own, but I agree, it looks way better layered! Application was very easy, lots of glitter came out on the brush each time and it spread smoothly over the nail. My base of Sagreena pulls Spindleweb slightly greener than it looks in the bottle; the shimmers in Spindleweb are a similar colour to Sagreena. Have a look at Nail Gun XS' swatches of this one to see how it looks layered over blue, and Lucy's Stash to see it over black. You can see more detail of the shimmer and glitters in the macro pictures:

Femme Fatale Spindleweb

Femme Fatale Spindleweb
Femme Fatale Spindleweb

Nothing to do with the polish, but I rounded the corners of my nails the other day on a bit of a whim - and I'm not loving it. I think I'm going to be shortening to proper squares in the next few days!

I received this product as a sample for review, along with three other colours I'll be posting about soon. Although Spindleweb is very pretty, some of the other colours Femme Fatale sent me are much more to my taste - and I've done what I usually do when I get a bunch of polishes to try and gone for the one that appeals to me least first! I love the colours in this, but I'd never choose a glitter in a shimmer base myself - I prefer simpler combinations.

You can buy Spindleweb direct from Femme Fatale's website, although shipping is quite expensive for international orders and they do recommend group orders. International stockists include Ninja Polish in the USA, Harlow & Co in Canada and Norway Nails in Europe.