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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Flash Nails Bubble Bath :)

Flash Nails Bubble Bath
Flash Nails Bubble Bath

Happy Easter! I decided on a periwinkle blue base with glitter dots for my Easter mani. This is Flash Nails Bubble Bath over a base of Essie Bikini So Teeny. I love this glitter topper, it was so easy to apply for big circle glitter and the sprinkle of white microglitter is so pretty!

The circle glitters in Bubble Bath are a bit different to most of the circle glitters I've come across so far. They're sort of pearlescent, so they change colour from light to dark as the light hits them at different angles. They also seem quite thin and lie nicely on the nail. In the bottle, all piled up on top of each other with the light shining through them, they remind me of fish scales... rainbow coloured!

Flash Nails Bubble Bath
Flash Nails Bubble Bath

Flash Nails Bubble Bath

Flash Nails Bubble Bath
Flash Nails Bubble Bath

I used two coats of Bubble Bath for this mani; the glitter is generous and well dispersed in the base and there is no need to fish for glitter. I didn't do any manipulation or particular placement of the glitters, they came out in this nice random pattern on their own.

Flash Nails Bubble Bath
Flash Nails Bubble Bath

As with the other Flash Nails polishes I've tried, the base is nice and thick so I didn't need to use multiple layers of topcoat to get a smooth finish on my nails. I think I have a new addition to my 'special favourite glitters' list! I chose this base colour because I wanted a pale, spring-like effect, but I'm sure this will look fab over a dark colour (I've checked, the glitters are fully opaque and stand out really well on black (the cap of my topcoat bottle, lol).

Flash Nails Bubble Bath
Flash Nails Bubble Bath

I purchased Flash Nails Bubble Bath from the Flash Nails Etsy Shop. Nicola has a facebook page where you can check out new colours and other news......... in fact there's an Easter discount there at the moment :)


  1. This is GORGEOUS! I just brought a similar polish yesterday but if I hadn't I would be getting this for sure.

    It looks fab with the blue base!!!

  2. Looks very cool....sold out and no ship outside of UK so none for me :(

    1. Thank you - and sorry! Royal Mail restrictions are really tight now. Maybe you could get someone in the US / Canada to custom something similar...

  3. This looks gorgeous! What an amazing polish, I love the circle glitters! The colours look really lovely as well :)

  4. This looks like such a fun polish, especially with the huge glitters!

  5. This nail polish looks so beautiful! And your pictures look amazing!
    Little Red x

  6. Such a gorgeous mani, I love that it's called Bubble Bath, very dreamy! :) x


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