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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth - Easter Mani

Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth over Ruby & Millie Yellow 200P
Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth over Ruby & Millie Yellow 200P

My Easter Nails. I was stuck for a colour choice, so I asked my husband for a suggestion ~ usually he says 'blue' so I was a bit taken aback when he said yellow. Egg yellow, with 'sprinkles' to be precise. So here we are!

The base is the 'eggiest' yellow I own - it's an old polish, possibly even vintage - Ruby & Millie Yellow 200P. R&M was a 'designer' range at Boots in the UK, but they disappeared a few years ago. That's rather a shame, as I liked some of their blushers and shadows too. Although I like yellows, I'm not crazy about this colour - I find yellow a bit hard to wear as I'm quite pale and rather pink toned; I prefer mustard-y or lime-y yellows. The polish also has a bit of a shimmer in it  that I'm not wild about, although there's no frostiness or brush strokes. I used three coats here as the formula was quite thin.

The glitter I choose for the 'sprinkles' is Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth. ACV Sweet Tooth is a mix of small pink, white, blue and purple glitters in a clear base. I've worn it over pinks and blues in the past, and while it looked OK, I think the colours pop much better over the yellow. When I looked at the colour wheel, yellow, pink (red),  and blue are actually a colour 'triad' so this is probably why they look good together :)

I just used one coat of Sweet Tooth, then added a coat of Gelous and a final coat of Seche Vite to smooth everything out. I didn't want to layer the glitter through the mani for this one, I wanted an effect like sprinkles over a cake. Or maybe a trifle. Overall, I like the mani - it's very springy and it reminds me of Cadbury's mini eggs. I might try ACV Sweet Tooth over a paler, lemony yellow soon, or maybe over something like Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War (that's a colour you'd get if you mixed black and yellow together).

Happy Easter!!

Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth over Ruby & Millie Yellow 200P
Alta Costura Vernis Sweet Tooth over Ruby & Millie Yellow 200P


  1. Pretty, Love the color combo. I would like to see the glitter over NMW.

    1. Thank you! I'm intrigued to see how this looks over NMW too, I'll do that combination soon :)

  2. Love this, it's so bright! I'm fussy about yellow polish, too, they're so hard to get right!

    1. Thank you! I agree, yellows are the most difficult. Some of them are streaky and hard to apply, and then after all the effort of getting the application right, they can clash with your skin - FWP, lol!

  3. Beautiful combination! I love yellows and that Ruby&Millie looks very nice.