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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Splatter pattern stamping - Barry M Bright Purple with Konad plate m21

Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21
Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21

I haven't done any stamping for ages, but I was inspired to buy a new plate (Konad m21) by this lovely splotch stamped manicure by The Bookish Manicurist. The plate arrived today and I couldn't wait to try it out!

My base is Barry M Bright Purple - which is a super plummy magenta sort of colour. I used three coats here, plus Seche Vite. I always prefer to seal my nails with topcoat before I start stamping - when I've forgotten to do this on occasion in the past my stamping has streaked and blurred when I applied topcoat. I stamped on random splats using Konad Special Polish in Black, then applied basecoat over these before stamping on the white splats with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White. Another layer of basecoat over this and a final coat of Seche Vite. I prefer to use a runny clear coat over my stamping before applying SV - again I've had things go wrong in the past and I've found this always works well for me. There's nothing worse that seeing a perfectly stamped nail go all melty and streaky as you drag a thick topcoat like SV through it!

Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21

Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21
Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21

These pictures are taken near a lamp and (on my screen at least) the colour of Barry M Bright Purple looks a bit pinker and lighter than in real life. I'm blaming my dog for the lack of colour accuracy - today has been cold but quite bright; we set off for what I'd intended as a short walk but she had other ideas and was so enthusiastic I just went along with it........... two miles became five and when I got home to start photographing my nails the light had gone and I had to use a lamp. pfft! This last picture is in natural light, right up against the window.

Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21
Barry M Bright Purple stamped with Konad Plate m21

I purchased Barry M Bright Purple from Boots recently - it was one of those colours that jumped around on the shelf shouting 'buy me' as I walked past! The Konad Black and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White are my stamping staples and I've had them forever. I've tried stamping with other black polishes but nothing works as well for me as the Konad polish, so that's what I use!


  1. Your nails look fantastic, hun! And I'm so glad my mani inspired you to buy a new plate - I love seeing manis and buying myself the plate that was used.

    I love the look of white and black on purple, might have to buy that Barry M polish ;)

  2. This looks amazing! Thank you for the comments on my blog. I wanted to answer your excellent questions for you : ) The black and white glitter by Hard Candy black tie optional is in a clear base. I think you would enjoy it, there is no shimmer and it is very rock chick! 2. I don't use the foil method if find it too drying on my nails, I just soak a cotton ball and go at it with a large helping of patience. On the nails with the patch, I switch from pure acetone to a polish remover with oil, a weaker remover, which can help remove the polish and preserve the patch, since it takes longer to dissolve the patch! I hope it helps! Thanks for the follow and the comments, I followed you back too : D

    1. Thank you for the extra info and the follow :))

      I agree the foil method is very drying, and I try to limit my foil removals to no more than once a week. I like the idea of using a remover that includes oil on repaired nails! And I need to try to get hold of Black Tie Optional - black and white glitters are one of my weaknesses!

    2. Hi again : D I am flattered you want to put a link to my tutorial, this is making my day : D Yes, by all means, link to my page if you would like! Thank you for asking !

      Actually, I was wrong, the polish remover I use does not contain oil, but it is not pure acetone. It does feel oily on my skin and does not remove the polish as quickly. It has weaker solvents, propylene carbonate, and isopropyl alcohol, water, methyl soyate and perfume as well. It is by Onyx Professional for natural nails.

      Here are two articles with recipes for your own remover. I haven't tried these, but they look very interesting. loodie really knows her stuff! ,

      Have a great day!

    3. Thank you! I've added a link on my 'nail care' page and credited you :D

  3. wow! this is beautiful! your nails are so long, i love that purple as well, its my favourite colour by barry m