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Monday, 20 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 3 *One Colour* - BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan
BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

I chose this rich teal-blue for my 'one colour' polish in the Untried Challenge today.

I decided that I'm going to work through these themes in order from now onwards, so I can be sure to do them all! So far I've done *Two Colours* (W7 Metallic Venus) and *Was a Gift* (Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant) and today I've chosen BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan for *One Colour*. Then I'll work through the list until I get to the end!

I also want to clarify what I call an untried. I've got a box of polishes under my desk that have been around for a while, that I've not worn. When I first buy a polish, it sits on my desk for a while (and this while is variable, especially if a buy a few polishes at a time) until either I wear it (after which it goes away in my helmer), or I decide I'm not going to wear it for a while, and then it goes in my untried box. Apart from *Newest* - which be the last polish I bought on the day I get there - everything I use in this challenge is going to come from my untried box, not the 'new' polishes on my desk.

Now let's look at BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan!

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan
BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

BB Couture is a brand that's not readily available in the UK, and this is the first BB Couture polish I've tried. I bought it in a blog sale a few months back, and as often happens, I bought three polishes together and one of them - this one- somehow got overlooked!

It's a shade that's been around for a few years; a dusky, teal-leaning blue with a sort of grey silver shimmer. I think it might have been the shimmer that has put me off wearing this polish up till now - in the bottle it looks like a strong, almost metallic shimmer but on the nail it's actually quite subtle and rather beautiful.

Application was very striaghtforward; this mani is just two coats plus Seche Vite quick drying topcoat. I love the colour, the formula and the finish and I'll be looking out for other colours in this brand! My last pic was taken in direct light and the colour looks brighter and stronger here.

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan
BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan

I think this shade must be discontinued as I can't find it on BB Couture's website, but they do have some interesting colours there!

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  1. Love the shimmer in this!

  2. Love it. I wonder how similar it is to Barry M Denim which I love.

    1. Thanks! I think the shimmery-ness is similar to BArry M Denim, but the colour is quite a lot greener. And this one dries shiny without top coat.

  3. Ah! I am loving this blue!!!
    I'm kind of the same way with my untrieds, I drop em all on the desk as they arrive home and then they either go in the box or they go on a shelf on the des for "relatively immediate use". Sometimes they make the cut, sometimes they still end up in the box!