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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 4 *Three Colours* - OPI Sparkle-icious

OPI Sparkle-icious
OPI Sparkle-icious

Three colours of tiny glitter in one polish! This has pink, blue and a sort of *gold* glitter in a clear base. So I've pulled it out of my untried box for my 'three colours' choice....

I think it's the gold that's the reason this bottle has been sitting in my untried box for a while. There are only a couple of polish colours I'm not happy wearing, and gold is on of them. It makes my skin look a completely weird colour.

But putting these three glitter colours together gives a very attractive bronzy looking shade from a distance, and I love it! I was completely wrong to put off wearing this for so long!

OPI Sparkle-icious

OPI Sparkle-icious
OPI Sparkle-icious

Here are a few macros in dlifferent angles and with different levels of sun. You can see how the colours kind of 'mesh' together to form an overall bronzy colour in lower light. In the first macro, in very bright, direct sunlight, you can see that close up, the glitters don't really cover the whole nail at all.

OPI Sparkle-icious

OPI Sparkle-icious

OPI Sparkle-icious
OPI Sparkle-icious

I used three coats of OPI Sparkle-icious for this mani. No undies, as I wanted to see how the polish worked on its own, but I'm sure it would layer really well - maybe over a hot pink like OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries or a bright teal like Butter London Slapper. I might even try a hot pink to teal gradient sometime and put a layer of Sparkle-icious on top! Sparkle-icious is rather gritty, I used Sinful Colors Gel Tech top coat to smooth it out before adding a coat of Seche Vite quick drying top coat.

OPI Sparkle-icious was from their Burlesque collection released in Autumn 2010 and sadly is now discontinued. I got this bottle in a swap over a year ago!

OPI Sparkle-icious
OPI Sparkle-icious

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