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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

China Glaze Hologlam - When Stars Collide - Swatch and review

I couldn't resist trying one now that the China Glaze Hologlam collection is available in the UK! Even though holographic isn't my favourite finish, I loved the China Glaze OMG collection from a few years ago, so I couldn't resist ordering a shade from the new collection to try. We've seen recently how brands that released awesome holos a few years ago have been coming out with much less pronounced holos, so I was a little nervous how this one would stand up to comparison with the OMG collection.

I went for When Stars Collide, a plummy-maroon shade. I like my holos dark, and I don't have a colour quite like this in my collection so this seemed a perfect choice.

Here is When Stars Collide - three coats, no basecoat, no topcoat. This is how I normally wear the finer holograpic polishes such as China Glaze OMGs, Layla etc. In the past I've tried to wear holos with various basecoats but usually end up with dragging or bald spots; I just get on better without. Topcoats are notorious for dulling the holo effect too - so again I conclude better just go without!

China Glaze When Stars Collide
China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide
China Glaze When Stars Collide

Pictures were taken indoors, near a lamp but not in direct light. I couldn't wait for a sunny day to swatch these - this is February in the UK after all! As you can see the holo 'flame ' effect is very distinct. The polish is also a great colour. The only holo I can think of which might be similar in colour is Layla Misty Blush, which I don't own to compare. The Layla holos I do own however, are rather a different texture to this - I think I prefer the smooth, velvety holo of China Glaze.

Then I decided to compare When Stars Collide to the purple colours in the OMG collection - IDK and LOL. My first impression is that When Stars Collide is a thicker consistency than both IDK and LOL. It's possible that the older colours may have just thinned over time, but whatever, When Stars Collide was a bit easier to apply than my OMG colours, which tend to drip and dribble a bit if you're not careful.

LOL and IDK are both more holo than When Stars Collide - the flame is longer and brighter. However, this isn't a big difference and overall I really like When Stars Collide. These pictures are taken at different angles and with different lighting to try to show how the holo effects vary between the three colours.

China Glaze When Stars Collide comparison LOL IDK

China Glaze When Stars Collide comparison LOL IDK

China Glaze When Stars Collide comparison LOL IDK

China Glaze When Stars Collide comparison LOL IDK
Comparison - China Glaze When Stars Collide, IDK and LOL

I purchased China Glaze LOL from Faith Cosmetics on I've bought from this seller several times and been very happy every time. My order was shipped the day I ordered and postage was just £1. China Glaze LOL and IDK were limited edition polishes several years ago.

I also reviewed Infra Red from the China Glaze Collection recently.


  1. So jealous. These havnt come out in the us yet.... But they should be in a few weeks

    1. I think it's unusual for anything to be available here before the US! Hope you enjoy them when you get your hands on them :)