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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Textured effects - Nails Inc London Wall + Barry M Atlantic Road

I had to try these! I *think* I like them, but I'm still deciding! I bought one colour from the Nails Inc Concrete range (London Wall), and one from the Barry M Textured Nail Effect range (Atlantic Road). Whatever the trick in the formula is, both are very similar, and distinctly weird! The polish goes on smooth, then as it dries, it starts to bubble and create the textured effect

First the Nails Inc. - I struggled with this; these pictures are my second attempt at application, and it's still not right. The first coat went on fine, but then the second sort of dragged and clumped into horrible lumps. I decided the polish was too thick, so I added a couple of drops of thinner. I also noticed that London Wall is exactly the same shade as Porchester Square, so I used one coat of Porchester Square as a base. My result with the second attempt at application was better, but I'm still not entirely convinced I like it very much. The main problem I have is that the finish is rather shiny - I wanted it to be matt. I wore it for 24 hours, and I have to admit it was growing on me.

Nails Inc Concrete London Wall

Nails Inc Concrete London Wall

Then I tried the Barry M. The formula on this is MUCH better, it went on more smoothly; it's thinner so I used three coats but there was no clumping. It also dried almost matt. The bubbled texture seems much denser and finer on this one than on the Nails Inc., which I much prefer. I love the colour too. Also, it's about a third of the price of the Nails Inc!

Barry M Textured Nail Effect Atlantic Road

And finally, an accent nail of Nails Inc London Wall with Barry M Atlantic Road. Three coats of London Wall; I think I'm getting the hang of applying the Nails Inc now. But it's still shinier than the Barry M and the bubble texture effect is less even.

Barry M Textured Nail Effect Atlantic Road Nails Inc Concrete London Wall

In this closer shot you can see that even with three coats of London Wall, it still has a more open and less matt finish that Atlantic Road.

Barry M Textured Nail Effect Atlantic Road Nails Inc Concrete London Wall

I think Barry M is the clear winner here. I'll probably get the pink and maybe the green Barry M textured effect polishes too, but I doubt I'll buy any more of the Nails Inc Concrete range.

I purchased Nails Inc London Wall from the Nails Inc counter in an independent UK department store, and Barry M Atlantic Road from Superdrug.

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