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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 8 *Oldest* - Boots No7 Dollar

Boots No7 Dollar
Boots No7 Dollar

I'm pretty sure this is my oldest untried, but I'm not sure how long it has actually been lying around.......... two  or three years, maybe longer! On day 8, I'm still only halfway through this challenge, it feels like I've been doing this forever :(

I vaguely remember getting this polish from Boots with one of their £5-off-No7 vouchers when No7 polishes were £5 or £5.50, and thinking what a nice colour it was. I know it was before I discovered all the cool stuff - indies, US niche brands like RBL and Cult Nails, higher-end trendies like DL and Illamasqua. And at a time when I was dead against shimmer - I thought shimmer was the same as *pearl* and therefore old fashioned and brush strokey............ so it never got used.

Two coats plus SV, it's a nice colour and not in the least bit brush strokey!

Boots No7 Dollar
Boots No7 Dollar

For some reason this colour reminded me of one of the shades in one of my absolute favourite duochromes, Ozotic 505, so after a day or so I added Ozotic 505! The Ozotic duochromes are semi-transparent and need a dark or bright base to make them pop, and I love the effect you can get by sandwiching glitter in there. I used a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Hades, which is a black jelly with silver, iridiscent and black glitter (including some huge black hexes), between No7 Dollar and Ozotic 505. Hades isn't a polish I like much, it's intended to darken the base colour it's used over but the black jelly has ended up streaky every time I've used it over a bright colour, and when I've used over dark colours, you can't see the black glitter. But I though the black jelly in this case would darken up the colour of Dollar and make Ozotic 505 stand out a bit more. I'm happy with the result, and amused by that massive hex on my ring finger! Any glitter polish would work to get an effect like this with the Ozotic duochrome polishes.

The shifts in Ozotic 505 show up best in diffuse light:

Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter

Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter
Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter

And here it is on strong light:

Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter

And finally a macro in direct sunlight to show the glitter and pigments in the Ozotic:

Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter
Boots No7 Dollar with Ozotic 505 and glitter

I purchased Boots No7 Dollar from Boots some time ago, it didn't make it into the new range the last time they changed the bottle shape, but I've seen it available for a couple of quid from discount sellers online. Ozotic 505 is (very sadly) discontinued now, but certainly worth grabbing if you ever see it in a blog sale or swap!

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  1. Beautiful! wow you do have long nails too, lovely :D I really love the Oztic on top x

  2. This is gorgeous! Great color :)

  3. This is beautiful, and looks great with all the layering you did as well! It's a bit of a weird coincidence- I just posted about a polish that looks very similar, L'oreal Lickety Split, and commented on how it's one of the oldest polishes in my collection!

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I had a look at your Lickety Split, and it does look rather similar! I don't have Lickety Split, but I do have an ancient L'Oreal Jet Set polish called Orange Crush.... I remember buying that in the summer of 1994! It's the oldest polish in my collection that I can actually date (I've got one or two others of a similar vintage but I can't remember where I was or what I was doing when I bought them, so I'm not sure exactly how old they are) but is still perfectly usuable!!