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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Laqa & Co LACEY - swatch and review

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey
Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

I have to admit I hadn't heard of this company when they asked if I'd review a few of their polishes, but I was in for a very nice surprise. Laqa & Co is a brand started by two cosmetic crazy female entrepreneurs, who wanted to pair colour with attitude. The brand is based in New York, but available internationally.

One of the things I like about the products is the packaging concept, which showcases artwork produced by newer, young artists. Here is the packaging for the first product I tried, the Gold Fleck manicure pen in 'Lacey':

I'd like the idea even more if the artwork could have been incorporated into the product itself rather than just the cardboard sleeve, which sadly, a lot of people will just throw away. 

Here is the product itself - it's two small bottles (6ml each) of polish with a double ended brush in the middle. Whilst I like the polishes themselves a lot, I'm not wild about the presentation. I found painting my nails with what is effectively a bottle of nail polish in my hand a tad awkward, and dipping this long, heavy implement into the tiny bottle was rather unstable; I almost spilled the whole lot all over the table. I'd have preferred a pair of regular shaped nail polishes in a duo box for ease of use. 

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey
Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

Packaging aside, the teal cream polish is a lovely colour and a good formula, and the gold glitter appeals to me a lot. I'm rather taken by random shaped glitter, and shard glitter especially, and this is a bright, shiny gold shard glitter. 

Application was easy apart from manipulating the bottle, and the random shapes in the gold topper are super. Just look at those big pieces on my index finger - I love those. The gold glitter was quite thick, so I used two coats of Seche Vite quick drying topcoat to smooth the manicure out. I was really pleased with the results though, and I left this on my nails for several days!

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

Laqa & Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey
Laqa&Co Gold Fleck Manicure - Lacey

I was sent this product for review - Laqa&Co products are available to purchase from Retail Beauty in the UK. The duo is £14.95, which I think is quite pricey for such small bottles. The duo also comes in a pink shade (with the same gold topper) which I'll be reviewing soon.


  1. It is certainly a bit pricy but it's a very pretty combo :-)

  2. I've just tried this too, and I'm totally with you on the awkwardness of the bottles! The colour and the glitter is fab though, isn't it? Your photos look so pretty too!

  3. I totally agree, it is a little pricy for how much product you are getting, but you can't argue the outer packaging is cool - that being said I do like the way it looks in the bottle with them being attached, again though I totally get that it would be heavy and annoying.


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